H&A is a family business conceived during the 1987-1994 period when Motasim Hajaj joined the real estate divisions of the Xenel and then the Dallah Group, working on the most prestigious developments of the time in Jeddah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 1994 H&A was created as a real estate company specializing in land, project and property development offering real estate advisory and operational services to owners, clients and developers. The company has become unique in its field, combining practical knowledge and operational experience in a continuously changing and challenging market.

Over the years, H&A has grown to a real-estate asset management and development portfolio valued at over USD one billion.

Today, the directors, partners and associates of H&A bring together wide experience in planning and finance and implementation which enable them to understand the key needs of potential real estate investors and financial managers when considering new projects. The objective of H&A is to provide a “one stop real estate solution” through strategic alliances to create competitive advantages to help meet their mandates.

Real estate is H&A business. Its people, knowledge, technology and experience provide the means to achieve its goals and objectives. A combination of assessment and analytical skills, together with relationships with key movers in the real estate market place, places the company in a unique position to offer the guidance and assistance necessary to ensure optimum success.

H&A was conceived to fill the gaps in the Middle East, and in Saudi Arabia in particular, where challenges and risks necessitate a professional support system that minimizes risk while driving real estate investments and projects towards a success completion. This is achieved by merging a wide range of professional specializations that include architecture, engineering, market research, law, finance, administration and marketing to provide a fully comprehensive real estate development solution.

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