Motasim F. Hajaj

President & Chairman

A recognised leader in real estate business development, appraisal and the acquisition of real estate opportunities, Motasim founded H&A in 1994.

Motasim has managed and developed more than 10 billion dollars of real-estate internationally and has extensive, in-depth knowledge of the Saudi Arabian real estate and business development markets. Motasim is a founder of the Real Estate Committee of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.

Motasim has extensive experience of real estate positioning and marketing, gained on a range of major commercial, residential and leisure/tourism projects.

Falih M. Hajaj

Chief Executive Officer

Attended Chapman University in California for a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Real Estate Development and a minor in Economics. Dynamic team leader; demonstrating in-depth analytical and strategic ability to facilitate operational and procedural planning.

Falih joined Hajaj as an intern in 2004 and developed as main figure in H&A real estate projects as well as diversification of H&A international investments.

Bold initiatives and strong growth ensured Falih would become CEO in early 2015.

Abdulrahman M. Hajaj

Business Development

Starting his international educational path in 2008, spending 3 years in Switzerland and graduating top of his class, studying in California, and graduating with Honors in Family Business Management from Barcelona, Abdulrahman had a full and interesting journey.

Growing up in the office, Abdulrahman has been around the business since the early days. He officially joined H&A in October of 2016.

Abdulrahman’s unorthodox creativity and his passion for the study and sustainability of family businesses lead him to running H&A’s Business Development Department.

Ismail Hasannain

Operations Manager

Ismail has extensive background in real estate and his agerness to succeed and skill manageing our assets in Saudi on a daily basis make him an invaluable member of the H&A team.

He is well accustomed to project/program delivery and services; calling upon the ability to quickly grasp new ideas and concepts while identifying innovative solutions to complex issues which maximize potential without compromising service.

Hassan A. Kinani

Corporate Service Officer

Hassan is a graduate of bachelor degree in software engineering studied in NTU “Khpi”, Ukraine. Hassan has an experience more than few years in dealing and managing with all technology solutions, developing web applications, designs and making sure everything runs smooth and is up-to-date to make our business stay in top level.